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about guste

our history

In 1988 the residents of Guste Homes in New Orleans took the first steps towards accountability, responsibility and self control, by going through years of training in HUD management. The residents realized that in order to have an significant impact in their community, their fate and future could only be protected if they had a say in its direction. From 1988 to 1998 the residents of Guste Homes trained under a HUD initiative that prepared the resident council to manage their own development.

After forming the "Resident Management Corporation", in 1998 two years later the GHRMC signed a dual management contract with the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO), and a year later the GHRMC became the full time manager of the Guste Homes Housing complex.

While the GHRMC has been successful in managing Guste Homes Public Housing complex, we are also proud to say:

  • We are the only Resident Management Corporation in the country that manages a "Tax Credit Property"
  • We are the only Resident Management Corporation that has "two management contracts" with its local housing authority
  • We are the only Resident Management Corporation that has four "Certified Property Managers" and two "Housing Credit Certified Professionals" of seven in the State of Louisiana


who we serve

“Residents are entitled to fair and equal treatment and the best available services we can provide. This will be done regardless of their age, race or financial situation.” Guste Homes CEO Cynthia Wiggins says that statement guides the daily operations and decisions of the GHRMC administration and staff. The GHRMC serves the poor, the working poor and the poorest of the poor. They include approximately 400 elderly residents and 1,500 men, women and children from low-income backgrounds.

Guste Homes RMC has been able to:

  • Decrease crime
  • Increase rent collections
  • Improve the delivery of maintenance delivery
  • Implement social services
  • Support resident, minority and women owned businesses